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NB: Yesterdays  news item also contains important information about our  surgery and isolation procedures. Click here to see this.

It is becoming clear that people are self isolating in the area – either for their own health protection, or as a precaution. If you are in self isolation please print and display the attached self isolation poster (click here for a printable PDF) alongside your green or red flag. If you do not have a printer please make a similar notice. Clearly note your telephone number on your poster. This will enable us to call and check on you if you display a red flag beside your self isolation notice.

Remember that the green flag means that you are managing ok and do not require assistance, even if in self isolation. The red flag means that you require assistance from the resilience group. From tomorrow, volunteers will be patrolling from Tigh Phuirst to Lettermore twice daily and will alert our team who will reach out to you as soon as they can.

Remember that in a medical emergency, if you are able, the NHS should be your first port of call.

  • 999 for medical emergencies
  • 111 if you have worsening symptoms of COVID-19 (eg shortness of breath) or are in the at-risk groups (>70 years, chronic health conditions or pregnant)
  • 0800 028 2816 for general enquiries regarding coronavirus.

If you have an elderly or vulnerable neighbour or relative, please print them a copy and help them manage these posters. If you have to enter their home for any reason, please follow established protocols (handwashing, distancing) to keep you both safe.