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Slatest News

Many years ago The BOG Standard circulated around these parts and was a well-loved community newspaper. The Community Forum have now reintroduced a similar free publication produced approximately 6 times a year, called Slatest News!

We have a small team of volunteers who are willing to collate and produce the newsletter, but it needs content. Please send anything, and we mean anything to Rob Malpas –; Sheila McLean – or drop it into the Black letterbox at the village hall.

The first edition is out now and has a mixture of articles and updates on what is happening in our community.


Deadlines for future issues are as follows:

  • February edition – 14th January
  • April edition – 14th March
  • June edition – 14th May
  • August edition – 14th July
  • October edition – 14th September
  • Christmas edition – 14th November

Delivery will be completed by 1st of the month. Any items or adverts submitted after the deadline may not be included.

View online or Download

August 2017 –click here to view or click here for a printable version. Both files are 2Mb.

June 2017 – click here to view or click here for a printable version. Both files are 2.5Mb.

April 2017 – click here to view or click here for a printable version. Both files are 3Mb.

February 2017 – click here to view or click here for a printable version. Both files are 2.5Mb.

November 2016 – To view the trial edition click here. If you would like to print your own copy, click here for a printable version. Both are 2Mb pdf files.